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Join us and make your study time even more valuable

In Arnhem we have a number of very nice study and student associations. They give your study and social circle a flying start that you can enjoy for years. Especially if you are not yet familiar with our city, it is a great opportunity to make friends, score a room in a nice house, find a (graduation) internship and participate in cool activities. We are happy to inform you about the advantages, the different types of associations and how to get in touch with them.



The activities organized by study and student associations vary from parties and get-togethers to excursions and from enjoyable dinners to interesting lectures. With the student associations, the emphasis is more on 'social' activities, while activities of study associations are more often linked to a specific field. Furthermore, at student associations you will often meet students from different programs and a study association is usually linked to one or more specific programs.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of some of the differences between a study association and a student organization. Of course, the exact details vary from association to association, so you can always ask around. The most important thing is that you find an association where you feel comfortable and that matches your interests.

  • There is something for everyone


One of the best things about a student union is the fact that you immediately get to know a nice group of people. This is of course very sociable, but can also be useful when finding a job or a nice room. In addition, every week there are a few fun activities organized so you certainly do not have to get bored. Arnhem is full of (cultural) events and associations regularly participate in these. You will get to know the city and your fellow students a lot better in no time.

At the same time you will build up a new circle of friends which you can enjoy both during and after your studies. Studying in a (often) new city is quite exciting, but this way it immediately becomes a lot more pleasant. In addition, in many cases going out will be a lot cheaper ;-)

  • Almost impossible to count

Getting to know an association

By now you're all excited and would like to get to know an association. But how does that work and where should you go? Of course you can take a look at the overview below to see what Arnhem has to offer in terms of study and student associations. Many associations offer introductions which allow you to get to know fellow students and association members directly. For a small fee you can then sign up as a member and be assured of fun activities throughout the school year.

A good tip for finding a suitable association is to contact an existing member. Often you can find them easily through your study, the website or Facebook page. Also compare a number of associations (in terms of price/activities offered/atmosphere etc.) so you can make the best choice.

  • Look and compare, then you will make the best choice

All associations listed:

Below you will find a handy overview of the different associations. The activities of study associations are often focused on one or more programs or specific groups of students. For the sake of overview, we have mentioned those immediately. Is there an Arnhem study or student association missing from this list? Please let us know by sending an email to, and we will add it to the list.


Studentenvereniging CREAS

Studentenvereniging Betula Pubescens (Christian-oriented)

Studentenvereniging Ichthus (Christian-oriented)

Studentenvereniging Muze

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Studentenvereniging Lokaal '99

Studievereniging FS HAN (Accountancy, Business Economics, Tax Law and Economics and Financial Services Management)

Studievereniging Trifonius (Architecture)

Studievereniging HAN Racing Team (Automotive)

Studievereniging Xtend (ICA)

Studievereniging Amoras (Engineering)

Studievereniging Fides (HBO Law)

Studievereniging Meesterlijk (PABO/ALPO/ALO)

Studievereniging CEnter (Instituut International Business & Communication)

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences:

Studentenvereniging Arboricultura

Studentenvereniging Quercus

Studievereniging LaarX (Forest and Wildlife Management)

Studievereniging Terra Partum (Garden and Landscape Design and Management of the Living Environment)

Studievereniging Ambrosia (international students from all programs)

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