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Arnhem Studiestad is there for the (upcoming) Arnhem student. We try to inform you as good as possible about topics like living, studying, sports, etc. We also contribute to the organization of events, small and large. To promote local cooperation with Arnhem student initiatives we would like to inform you about the possibility of sponsoring an event by Arnhem Studiestad. We will make a financial contribution and support the promotion to make it a success.

So: are you part of a study or student association, do you want to organize an activity for students and are you looking for sponsors? Maybe Arnhem Studiestad can mean something for you. Below you will find the minimum conditions to qualify for sponsoring by Arnhem Studiestad:

  • Every student from Arnhem is welcome to attend the event. Offline/online promotion will be done for students of the HAN (Arnhem), ArtEZ, RijnIJssel and Van Hall Larenstein;
  • The Arnhem Studiestad logo will be used on all promotional material (posters/ flyers/social media, etc.);
  • Arnhem Studiestad is allowed to use your expressions/photos for the promotion of Arnhem Studiestad, now and in the future;
  • A blogger/vlogger may be present at the event to create content and/or members of the Arnhem Studiestad Promoteam may be present;
  • You are actively involved in the consultation between the event organization and Arnhem Studiestad to make the event a promotional and commercial success.

Do you meet all the above conditions and do you like the collaboration? Then send an email to Annemieke Peeters or Marieke Wittenhorst. (Annemieke.Peeters@han.nl or Marieke.Wittenhorst@han.nl).

Please mention the name, date and purpose of the event and explain why Arnhem Studiestad would be a suitable sponsor. We will then be happy to discuss this further with you. Of course, our budget is not infinite and we will look critically at each application to determine whether and to what extent a fruitful collaboration is feasible.

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