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De Blauwe Golven


Tags: Arnhem, kunst, artez

THE BLUE WAVES The artwork "The Blue Waves" by Peter Struycken and Frans de Wit from 1995 is a piece of art that has sparked controversy from the very beginning. Some people appreciate the attempt to bring modernity into the cityscape, while others believe the work fails to integrate with the historical and cultural fabric of Arnhem. Its disruptive aesthetics, questionable functionality, and color choice have made it a controversial and polarizing addition to the urban landscape. The functionality of the work has been questioned before, and three years ago, some ArtEZ students made a documentary about the artwork. Now, in 2023, "The Blue Waves" are finally being renovated to restore the artwork to its original state.

The renovation of the public artwork has once again stirred up a lot of reactions. Even though it turns out that the renovation will cost 2.5 million more than originally budgeted, the motions of the opponents of the renovation are still being voted down. The once blue and white bricks that had faded to a dull blue and gray haze are now being replaced with new blue and white bricks. For the time being, the blue waves will continue to color the streets of Arnhem.

Author: Amber van den Heuvel. Alumni Artez Bear & Studentambassadeur Arnhem Studiestad

Documentary: Between blue waves and green corridor

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