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Looking for a room in Arnhem

Looking for a student room? Read some helpful tips here! Tags: op kamers, wonen

Have you cut the knot and decided to move to a room in Arnhem? Great! Now the shopping for nice things can start...oh wait, first you have to find a student room to put all those things in. Don't worry, we'll help you on your way so that you'll have a nice room in a nice place in no-time! As you know, there are many roads leading to Rome, so fortunately you have many options for getting that room. Below you will find 3 tips that will definitely help you.

Tip 1: leverage your network

Many people open their laptop and use Google to look for websites that offer rooms. You can do that too (see below), but it is much smarter to first see if there is anyone you know who might know something or who knows someone in Arnhem. For years now, arranging a room 'through the grapevine' has proven to be one of the best (and cheapest) solutions. So make sure you make use of that! Ask around both online (be creative and place a nice call on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat) and offline and who knows, you might get laid right away.

Tip 2: subscribe to a website such as Op Kamers in Arnhem

here are a number of large corporations that manage student complexes and rooms. You might think of SSHN, the party behind They maintain an up-to-date supply of all kinds of student rooms in Arnhem. In this way you can already determine in which neighbourhood you are looking for a room and register as soon as something comes along that makes you think "well, I can imagine myself living there". Of course, the longer you are registered, the more chance you have of getting a room. It is therefore advisable to register anyway.

Tip 3: Google your way through

If the two tips above do not help, there is always Google. Search for 'studentenkamer Arnhem' or 'op kamers in Arnhem' and you will be flooded with all kinds of websites with even more available student rooms. Think of websites like Kamernet,, or Here you will find many students who are looking for a new tenant for their room or student houses that are looking for a new roommate. Often there are evenings where you and a number of others are invited to come and see if it's something for you (and if you're something for the house of course). 

Hopefully this will help you in your search for your student room. Would you like some extra information about living in Arnhem? Then you can always take a look here. Good luck to you!

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