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Blog-Vier goede redenen om een open dag te bezoeken

Four good reasons to visit a school's open day

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That Arnhem is a friendly and popular student city is something you have probably already discovered on this site, or in real life. The range of studies in Arnhem is large and diverse. Nice you will say, but the many choices can also lead to selection stress. Which study and which school is right for you? That is difficult to choose on the basis of brochures or websites. You have to experience it.

So get off that couch and go explore. Below are 4 reasons why it's worth visiting an open day.

  1. On open days you can taste the atmosphere
    Each school has its own identity. You can already feel it when you enter. Give this a moment's thought. How does it feel to be here? Which people walk around here and would I fit in? Are the teachers enthusiastic and easy to approach? These are questions you can only answer by visiting the school.
  2. An open day is the opportunity to ask all your questions
    You probably have questions that you can't find the answers to on the site. Visiting an open day is the perfect time to ask all your questions to students and teachers of the program. Find out more about the content of the study, the subjects, the internships, etc. Draw up a questionnaire in advance and dare to be critical. After all, it is an important choice you are making.
  3. Try out your studies during open days
    Visiting an open day will give you a first impression of a study program. It is too short to really get to know the program. Also realize that there is a promotional element to it. Fortunately, many schools in Arnhem also offer the opportunity to come and do a trial study. A tip is to start by visiting a number of open days. Then select 1 or 2 programs that you prefer. By walking along for a day, you can really experience how the lessons are given.
  4. Are there any future developments that have an impact on your study program?
    Inform yourself about possible future developments. These can be in many areas. For example, is a relocation of the program planned or a merger of schools, will there be any changes in the curriculum in the coming years, etc.? These developments are often not yet mentioned in a brochure or on a site, but they may be important to you.

‘Also when choosing a study, follow your heart, it will be right.'

Many open days are organized in the period from February to June. You can find them on the school's website. Here you will find a list of all the Arnhem schools. In order to avoid stress when making choices, it is good to have plenty of time to orient yourself. Go together with your parents or friends and visit not only the school, but also go exploring in the pleasant and versatile Arnhem. Grab your calendar and start planning those open days.

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