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Learning together with Arnhem neighborhoods

What is the Arnhem Learning Agenda?

The Arnhem Learning Agenda is a joint learning agenda for the Arnhem districts of Presikhaaf, Malburgen, Spijkerkwartier, Liemers and Arnhem-Noord. This initiative was created with the aim of improving co-operation between the city, the schools/universities and local businesses. The aim of this collaboration is to accelerate social issues in the city. This is done by involving researchers, teachers and students. The Arnhem Learning Agenda contributes to learning and better cooperation so that more can be achieved for a district-oriented approach.

Together with Arnhem partners we strive for a sustainable collaboration. We identify and address bottlenecks, facilitate and connect, learn together and put neighborhoods on the map through fun events. By creating a rich learning environment we work towards continuous and sustainable research, making learning and improving a continuous process.

The purpose of the Arnhem Learning Agenda

  • Strengthening knowledge connections

To strengthen knowledge connections in the city, through collaboration between the city government and knowledge institutions.

  • Rich learning environment

Creating a rich learning environment for students, so that they are better prepared for the tasks of the future. In addition, bonding to the city and the region.

  • Accelerating solutions

Accelerating solutions to the social challenges of our city. This is done by involving researchers, teachers and students intensively.

A video says more than a 1000 words

These social projects and the close cooperation between Arnhem students from various educational backgrounds are, of course, great fun. But what does that look like in practice? We recently made the video below to take a look at a group of students and their supervision, to see what it's like at the Arnhem Learning Agenda (formerly known as City Deal Kennis Maken). You can watch the video below (video in Dutch).


Who does what?

Who does what in the Arnhem Learning Agenda? For you as a student, this means you get the chance to make a real impact and work in multidisciplinary teams. How? You can read that here.


What do I contribute as a student?

When you join the Arnhem Learning Agenda you will work in multidisciplinary teams. This means that you might work together with students from another educational institution in Arnhem. In this way you will get a versatile mix of backgrounds, skills and insights that will help you solve the problem you are working on. Of course you will receive guidance from professionals from the field or district teachers.


Overview Arnhem projects

Curious about what we do and where? You can find the labs and workshops throughout the city. On this map you can see a handy overview.

How can you make neighbourhood labs an even greater success? If you study in Arnhem, many studies offer you the opportunity to learn from practice. In so-called neighbourhood labs, students from various schools and universities work on social issues. Together with their teachers, other professionals and residents of the neighbourhood, of course. The cooperation between the municipality of Arnhem, schools and local companies falls under the heading Arnhem Learning Agenda (formerly known as the City Deal Kennis Maken). This Learning Agenda seems to be a win-win situation for residents and students. You tackle a social problem and students gain practical experience.Click here for more info

Learn more

Want to know more about your project's opportunities within the Arnhem Learning Agenda? Then contact the HAN project leader Annemieke Peeters and Marieke Wittenhorst. You can do so by email ( or

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