Winter Dinner 2022
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Winter Dinner 2022

A night full of nice food and nice people.

Dear (international) students of Arnhem,

On monday the 27th of February, Arnhem Studiestad is organizing a big winter dinner for everyone who likes to join. Our main focus is international students who might not return to their families during the holidays. It’s nice to make some new friends around the city. You never know what good connections you may find! There’s a maximum of 40 people who can attend.

The dinner will be hosted at “De Stadskeuken” in the city centre of Arnhem.

The goal of the evening is sharing delicious food, having drinks, and getting to know each other.

All attendees will prepare something of their choice: appetizer, main course, dessert, or a treat for coffee time! We will cover the grocery expenses, of course.

Sign up!

Start: 18.30

End: 23.00

Address: De Stadskeuken, Beekstraat 40

A ticket costs €7,50

4 drinks and the whole dinner included.

We’re looking forward to see you!

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